About Nemographics

Our biggest asset is wide range of brands and professional cosmetics, Vitamins & Supplements but we also offer prices which are the best in the market. We purchase the goods from large European distributors. Currently, we are sourcing our range from multiple suppliers from European Union, to provide you with the lowest prices. We constantly follow their offers. We make large orders, allowing us to get discounts that an individual customer would struggle to get. Thanks to this activity we are usually cheaper than the official representatives of brands in a given country. Moreover, we do not require signing contracts for a given period of time and a fixed monthly turnover. You can place orders whenever you want and order the quantities that you presently need. Thanks to many years of experience and contacts with company representatives from all over the world, as well as openness to customers’ needs from different local markets, we can offer as broad and attractive an offer for each customer as possible, regardless of whether it is a large, medium or small company. Our stocks are full enough to execute the order immediately. If we currently do not have a specific product in our warehouse, we always give information about estimated time of delivery. We have a full portfolio of products for Skincare care, Makeup, Vitamins & Supplements with Schwarzkopf Professional logos, but also brands popular only on local markets. Our customers are beauty salons, which offer hairdressing, cosmetic and facial services, as well as online and traditional shops, but also wholesale companies of various sizes, including the largest. We have been present in the cosmetic market since 2010. During all that time we have been an active participator in international trade fairs and other business meetings. Thanks to that, we gained a broad knowledge of the newest trends and also the prospects for the development of professional products in the demanding Middle East, European, Asian, Russian and American markets. 

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